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I don’t believe fashion is limited to a brand, shop, a designer or something to be limited to fashion shows. It is a sixth sense for every human (In case of women it will be 7th as they already have six). It is an art to be learnt and mastered through self learning as no one else knows your more than yourself . Fashion is for everyone and every type of body. Fashion keeps evolving, but elegance is permanent. Your choice of style pretty much reveals your personality even before your speak. People make assumptions about you in first 10 second and then keep rest of the life validating it and that’s why we keep hearing that first impression is critical. “Wow you look stunning!”, said my friends as I walked into the party. The sweet words which every girl is pleased to hear and never once gets tired of it. Fact that the mind boggling success of Instagram is based on getting “Likes” for what you wear and where you wear. I must admit that by god’s grace I do get my fair share of compliments on my dressing style. I have been asked many times, “hey where did you get that outfit from” or been hearing “wow, I would never have thought that color would look so well”. I have often been asked where do I shop for such fashionable outfits and can I share the boutique details or share some tips. Here are, my 3 rules when I choose my outfits:

Rule No 1:

Breaking the Habits

Fashion is when you stand out from the crowd. Pushing the boundary, breaking the rules are the cliché words which every fashion guru worth his salt keeps telling. Fashion is a very broad concept and it starts from something as simple as the colors you are wearing, to the fabric, the length, width, cuts, and corners combined with how you are wearing the clothing. Wearing a traditional saree with blouse is a trend but hey, swap that blouse with trendy crop top and vola you have raised the bar, changed the game. Challenge the routine. As a rule, when someone say’s this cannot work, they should be challenged with “why not?”. Fashion has never been limited to any age, that’s when we see some 20yr old badly dressed and 50+yr old pulling off a Jennifer Lopez, still proudly strutting her bikinis. There is no age, no color, no outfit that is one size, fashion is for all.

Rule No 2

Location, Location, Location

By this I mean, not just matching your outfit to the event or place, but know your comfort zone. One always feels odd or uncomfortable initially when trying unconventional, but as appreciation comes in, the comfort and confidence boost further. If you feel odd wearing something new try it where no one judges you. That’s why many women test their new styles and push their boundary on vacations, where no one knows or will judge if they wear bikini or that short dress which they feel shy to be wearing in front of their colleagues just from fear of being judged.

Rule No 3

Know Your Curves

Curves in right places makes everything straight. Every woman knows which of her body features are better. Choose the dresses which highlights and draws attention to your best features. One doesn’t need to mask everything with a loose-fitting dress all the time. In fact the more you like your features and get appreciated, the more you try to work in preserving it. Create your own styles.

Fashion & U

Style is a way to say who are without having to speak